Foggy, Cloudy Weather Expected


There is a large anticyclone over Western Europe, so the weather there is mostly uneventful. Mist is formed in a large area, which remains in several places during the day.


The weather in the Carpathian Basin is shaped by the anticyclone, so the weather is mostly calm and sunny, and another warm front will reach us on the edge of the anticyclone on Wednesday, so there will be more clouds in the sky. In the southern part of the country, some sunshine is expected at first, but the clouds are gradually thicken there as well. By Wednesday morning, the sky will usually be very cloudy across the country. Mainly from the Danube, fog may form at night, which may persist in some places during the day. On Tuesday, with the exception of the eastern part of the country, the clouds will decrease, and a few hours of sunshine is likely in most of the country. There may be occasional light snowfall near the eastern and northeastern borders. On Tuesday, the west wind in the area of ​​the capital, and then on Wednesday, the north-west wind can be strong in a large area, while in the east, the changing air movement remains weak throughout. The lowest temperatures are generally expected to be between -3 and +2 degrees, but may be several degrees colder in the northeast and in temporarily less cloudy landscapes. The highest daytime temperatures are usually expected to be between +2 and +7 degrees, but we can measure peaks below freezing in the persistently overcast, misty eastern landscapes.


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