Heat Wave to Come at the Weekend


At the weekend, we have to prepare for sunny days, but also for showers and thunderstorms. In most cases, the peaks will still be above 30 degrees, according to the National Meteorological Service.


On Friday, sunny weather is expected, but in Transdanubia the cumulus clouds may increase and showers and thunderstorms may occur. The lowest temperatures are usually between 12 and 17 Celsius. During the day, the air heats up to 28-33 degrees.

Rainfall is expected in the northwestern and northern counties on Saturday night. During the day, in addition to the sunshine, there may be sporadic showers and thunderstorms elsewhere – with the slightest chance in the northeastern third of the country. The wind is also picking up, strengthening in some places. Minimum temperatures are likely to be between 14 and 20 Celsius, with maxima between 30 and 35 Celsius.

There will be a lot of sunshine on Sunday, but there may still be showers and thunderstorms in some places in the southeastern counties. Air movement will remain moderate, but winds may intensify in the vicinity of thunderstorms. The lowest temperature is usually between 14 and 20 degrees, and the peak temperature is between 30 and 36 degrees – the forecast reads.


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