Over 20,000 Signatures Collected to Save Bees and Farmers


Over 20,000 signatures have been collected in Hungary in support of the European Citizens Initiative entitled “Save Bees and Farmers: Towards a bee-friendly agriculture system for a healthier environment”, the National Election Committee (NVB) said on Thursday.


The committee established that out of the more than 22,000 signatures collected by the organisers of the campaign, altogether 20,705 proved to be valid.


The initiative was registered by the European Commission on September 30, 2019, and, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the deadline was extended until September 30, 2021. NVB will duly inform the European Commission that it has verified the signatures. The campaign will have to gather a minimum number of signatories in at least seven member states on its way to the one million signatures. The minimum number of signatories varies by member state, as it must be 750 multiplied by the number of MEPs elected from the given member state. In Hungary the minimum is 15,750 valid signatures.





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