Water Restrictions Ordered in Hajdúsámson


More and more people are moving to the city near Debrecen, which puts a strain on the system. There are also parts of Debrecen where new connections are no longer allowed.


In January, Antal Szabolcs spoke on Debrecen Televízíó’s evening program about how the fact that a two-lane road will connect Hajdúsámson with Debrecen twice from August 2020 was of great importance to the life of the city, because of this the city’s population increased significantly. For this reason, among other things, the water utility system and the electrical network must be developed. Debrecen also has a part where so many people have moved in recent years that the system has already reached its capacity limit. Ferenc Gorján, the CEO of Debrecen Vízművek, recently told Debrecen Television that new connections are no longer allowed in Debrecen-Bánk until the network is developed. This means that if someone builds a house in Bánk, they cannot connect their house to the drinking water network. Ferenc Gorján also said that if any problems arise in Debrecen, water restrictions will be ordered in the order set by the company and accepted by the municipality. The general manager has already introduced one, prohibiting the employees of the Vízművek from all planned maintenance and washing activities that involve greater water consumption, so that this water is not missing from the system.

Next in line would be the prohibition of welfare-type water use, as an example he mentioned filling home swimming pools with drinking water. This would be followed by a ban on the use of water by non-vital industrial plants, then a reduction of water use for nature conservation purposes, and later a restriction on the use of water related to animal watering and fish farming. After that, health care and, in the last resort, restrictions on residential water use would come. The average daily water consumption of the city of Debrecen is 40,000 cubic meters, compared to this, the highest daily consumption measured during the heat warning was 59,000 cubic meters. The company manager said that Debrecen’s water supply is ensured by 98 wells, which are two hundred meters deep. “We are talking about waters that are 8-10 thousand years old, so we extract the water that has infiltrated from the precipitation that fell at that time and clean it as much as necessary. It has a daily supply, and we cannot produce more. This daily supply is 70-80 thousand cubic meters, so we still have plenty of reserves, but that does not mean that it will always be like this. Current droughts will be a problem later” explained Ferenc Gorján.



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