A hundred small gas stations may run out of fuel in the second half of the week in Hungary


Gábor Egri, the president of the Association of Independent Gas Stations, told Népszava that there could be a hundred out of two thousand gas stations in Hungary that run out of one or another type of official-priced fuel by the second half of the week.

In response to the news of the small well closings on August 19-20, the application page was opened on the website of the state-owned Ifka Kft., but while initially there was a subsidy of 2.3 million euros per well network, since then it has been reduced to 400,000 and then 200,000 euros – said Gábor Egri. According to him, the payments partially started this week, while initially there was a subsidy of 2.3 million euros for each well network, since then it was reduced to 400,000 and then 200,000 euros, said Gábor Egri. The situation of small wells is still depressing, he added.

The president of the association also said that the well chains of well-known brands are also making losses, but they can make it through this difficult period with their other activities, and by bleeding small wells, they acquire a third of the market, or half of the market depending on the number of wells. The independent small wells have no reserves, and most of the units teeter on the brink of bankruptcy even with the Ifka subsidy.

Severe fuel shortages may persist for 2-3 weeks. After that, OMV can return to the market. The company’s Schwechat refinery has been shut down since spring due to an accident. The maintenance of the Mol in Száhahalombatta can also be completed – said the president of the FBSZ, who considers it possible that the fuel prices on the market could fall below HUF 480 from October, creating the outlet on an economic basis as well. If the original price competition is restored, it will be a huge job to lure defected customers back to the small wells.



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