Teachers’ Strike in Budapest: Many Support the Participants With the Sound of Car Horns


October 5th is World Education Day: the Democratic Trade Union of Teachers has announced a national strike for this day.


The protest did not stop behind the walls of the schools: students, parents and teachers have organized a live chain in Budapest, before the start of classes.

During the afternoon, the trade unions are scheduled to hand over petitions to the local offices of the ombudsman in Budapest, Győr, Miskolc and Pécs.

From five o’clock in the afternoon, the youth organization called Grund will hold a bridge occupation and demonstration for the teachers on Margit Bridge.

Starting at seven in the evening, the solidarity concert of Tanítanék Movement and noÁr closes the day on Kossuth Square.

Csepel also joined the movements: between a quarter past seven and a quarter to eight on Wednesday, parents, grandparents, students and teachers formed a living chain with the participation of several schools, thus expressing their support for the teachers.

The students showed solidarity with the teachers by their absence, so most of the rooms remained completely empty at Miklós Radnót High School in Dunakeszi on Wednesday. By the way, this is the school where the teachers involved in civil disobedience received the school district’s warning letter through the customer portal.

The teachers of the Móra Ferenc Primary School in Répcelak also joined the strike and are standing up for the future of education, as well as demanding the restoration of the basic right to an effective strike. At the same time, the teachers demand that the teachers fired due to civil disobedience be reinstated with immediate effect.

In Sopron, teachers are on strike in the morning in several schools: in addition to the city’s two “big” institutions, Berzsenyi Dániel Evangélikus Gimnázium and Széchenyi István Gimnázium, it is also known from the Kristóf Lackner Primary School that teachers have indicated in advance that they will comply with the legal framework, but will not work today.
From five in the afternoon, the city’s teachers will hold a joint demonstration on Széchenyi Square to draw attention to the increasingly unsustainable situation of Hungarian education.

The mayor of the capital assured the protesting teachers of his support on his Facebook page. As he wrote:

“There is no future without teachers! Budapest is with the teachers.”




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