The secret benefits of Hungarian thermal water


Hungary is often called the Land of Thermal Waters due to its abundance of natural thermal spas scattered throughout the country. With more than 1,300 hot springs, this landlocked country is truly a thermal bath paradise. However, did you know that soaking in the balmy waters does not only pamper your soul but can do magic to all kinds of bodily ailments too? In this post, we will tell you all about the nurturing and healing properties of Hungarian thermal water.

Speeds up recovery after injury

Physiotherapists around the world commonly recommend their patients visit a thermal spa to help improve recovery after minor muscle or joint injury. The therapeutic properties of Hungarian thermal water can accelerate the healing process and get you back to peak form in no time. It is partly because the heat has an almost immediate effect on the body, allowing the muscles to loosen up and release built-up tension. In combination with cold showers, thermal water therapies help to dilate and contract blood vessels and as a result, your blood will deliver more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles to repair the damage.

Besides, swimming is also a great way to reintroduce exercise into your daily life after an injury, as the water takes off the extra load from the joints and allows pain-free motion.


Nourishes the skin

The beneficial virtues of Hungarian thermal water when it comes to skincare have been known for centuries. This natural resource has interesting properties for treating a wide range of skin issues. To start with milder problems, minerals in thermal water have antioxidant powers that help neutralise free radicals and reverse UV damage. This natural elixir is also the antidote to acne-prone skin thanks to its rich silica content. Soaking in the hot pools will release tension and fight the effect stress has on your skin. Stealing a couple of relaxing hours for yourself reduces the cortisol level in your body which leads to a decrease in breakouts and other skin woes.

Finally, due to its soothing and anti-inflammatory activity, thermal waters can also combat eczema and psoriasis. In addition, they help balance the level of healthy and harmful microorganisms living in your skin, thus, they offer further relief for people suffering from the two above-mentioned skin disorders.


Beneficial for gynecological issues

After decades of medical research, thermal water was also shown to positively act on hormone levels and better a number of issues related to women’s health. Nature’s best medicine strongly promotes blood circulation and decreases the sensation of pain. The healing mineral salts found in thermal water, such as iodine and bromine, have prominent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties if used as parts of personal patient treatments which are widely available in Hungarian thermal spas, among other medical services.

Sitting in a hot pool has a profound relaxing effect that is felt in all parts of the body. Thermal water can release the tension in the pelvic muscles as well which can bring great relief for women recovering after childbirth or for those who suffer from urinary disorders.


Important disclaimer: while Hungarian thermal water has several impressive benefits, keep in mind that it is not a magic cure-all that will solve all your health issues in one go. We always advise that you first consult with a medical professional who will asses the appropriate treatment for your condition.


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