The temperature drops a few degrees on the first weekend of summer


The temperature will drop by a few degrees Celsius on the first weekend of summer, but we can still expect a lot of sunshine and little precipitation. The wind can sometimes be brisk, sometimes strong, according to the national medium-term forecast of the National Meteorological Service, which was delivered to MTI.

On Friday, in addition to a lot of sunshine, cumulus clouds will form, from which scattered showers and thunderstorms may form – in smaller numbers in the north. The northerly wind is picking up over a larger and larger area, and in some places, it is getting stronger. There can also be strong or even stormy gusts in the vicinity of thunderstorms. The highest daytime temperature in the majority of the country is expected to be between 27 and 30 degrees Celsius.

On Saturday, sunny weather is expected with cumulus and veil clouds and at most one shower may occur. The north, northeast wind is accompanied by lively, sometimes strong gusts in many directions. The lowest night temperature is usually between 9 and 15 degrees, but it can be colder in the northeast places sheltered from the wind. The highest daytime temperature is likely to be between 21 and 26 degrees.

Cumulonimbus and veil clouds are to be expected on Sunday, then the clouds may thicken in some places, and showers and thunderstorms may also occur, with the temporary strengthening of the wind. The temperature rises from 6-14 degrees in the morning to between 22 and 28 degrees.

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