Regulations for electric scooters may come in effect in Hungary


The KRESZ (Uniform Regulation of Road Provisions) will be amended soon, electric scooters can become mopeds. According to government statements, the place of electric scooters in traffic may be settled, reports

According to plans:

  • scooters with a maximum top speed of 25 km/h will be classified as bicycles in the future,
    and those faster than this are for mopeds.

In the case of an auxiliary motor or scooter with a maximum capacity of 50 cm3, despite the fact that it does not have to be put on the market, it has no registration number, no driving license, and no documents that are usual for other vehicles, the mandatory insurance is still necessary for the auxiliary motor.

According to Infostart, approximately 80-100 thousand scooters are used in Hungary, and since this can be said to be quite a lot, we cannot postpone defining them in traffic any longer.

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