Hit and Run in Debrecen on 23rd November


A pedestrian was hit by a car on Füredi street in Debrecen on the 23rd of November at about 5:00 pm. The driver did not stop to help the victim.

On Saturday afternoon (23rd of November) at about 5:00 pm a hit-and-run accident happened in Debrecen on Füredi street. A man was trying to cross the road when he got run over by a car. The driver did not stop to help his victim.

According to the available information, the pedestrian suffered minor injuries. Police are asking for the help of the people. In case you saw the accident or have any reliable information about the driver, contact the local police station on the following numbers: 06-52/457-040, 06-80/555-111, 112.

Source: www.debreceninap.hu

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