His phone has topped the bullet


The two men  wanted to settle an earlier disagreement, but an air rifle also came up during the discussion. Hajdúnánás police have completed the investigation.

Police received a report on the night of July 5, 2020, that two men were arguing loudly with each other in front of a property in Hajdúnánás. The patrols immediately went to the scene. As it turned out, the two locals wanted to make a point at the end of an earlier discussion. The 32-year-old man appeared at the house and began shouting through the fence. After a while, the 44 year old man went into his house and came out with an air rifle in his hand, then aimed at his arguing partner and fired his gun. He hit the man’s thigh, but his phone in his pocket stopped the projectile. No one was injured in the crime.

Investigators interrogated the older man on the basis of a well-founded suspicion of committing a harassment offense.



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