The woman must respond for 35 fraud


The 28-year-old woman was suspected of advertising strollers and children’s toys on the internet, however, as her victims transferred the agreed amount, no more was available. Police in Hajdúnánás have completed an investigation into the case.

A woman in Hajdúnánás filed a complaint with the police in April 2020 about buying a stroller online, transferring the agreed amount to the seller, but nothing was delivered to her and the advertiser could no longer reach her.

The police immediately began to investigate the case and soon came to their notice a woman who could be linked to the commission of the crime. According to the investigation, this was not the only scam on the Internet for the two-church resident. He advertised strollers, children’s toys, trabulins a total of 35 times without actually owning any of them. Agreeing with his unsuspecting victims, they transferred the money and then no longer picked up the phone for them.

The Hajdúnánási Police Headquarters prosecuted the 28-year-old woman for a well-founded suspicion of committing a criminal offense. Police officers took the necessary procedural steps during the investigation phase of the investigation and handed over the documents to the prosecutor’s office.


Take the advice of the Hajdú-Bihar County Police Headquarters!

  • Before buying, always check with the seller based on the feedback and information provided!
  • If possible, especially for high-value products, check out the item you want to buy in person!
  • If possible, choose the option of cash on delivery! In this case, if it is not a scam, the package will definitely arrive!
  • If you transfer the amount in advance, always make a note or save the account number to which you will transfer the money!
  • If you shop in a webshop, always check who runs the site! The seller must always indicate the address, tax number, company registration number on the website.
  • If you choose to pay by credit card, enter your details only on the bank’s online payment interface!
  • Make sure the page used for payment is a real bank page and has a certificate!

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