Measures of the last 24 hours in Hajdú-Bihar


Hajdú-Bihar county police officers took action at the scene of a road traffic accident in the last 24 hours, which ended in a minor injury.

The police officers caught 12 people, three of whom were convicted of a crime, four on the basis of a circular against them, and five foreigners for illegal stay in the country.

Police caught 14 people, three of them on suspicion of committing a crime. Security measures were taken in four cases – writes

At noon on Thursday, the tin plate on the roof of one of the buildings next to the Truncated Church in Debrecen was loosened and endangered pedestrians. The professional firefighters in Debrecen temporarily fixed the loosened parts through a ladder, so the danger was eliminated.

A chainsaw was stuck in the tree while an eight-meter tree was being cut down. The tree fell, which also endangered buildings and power lines. The incident took place yesterday afternoon in the yard of a family house in Komádi, Darányi Ignác Street. The professional firefighters of Komád municipality and Berettyóújfalu removed the wood through a mechanical sliding ladder.

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