Man from Hajdúböszörmény robbed his disabled acquaintance


The Debrecen District Prosecutor’s Office brought charges of aggravated robbery and other crimes against the man who forcibly took money from an acquaintance in a wheelchair.

According to the indictment, the 60-year-old victim lives in the house of the defendant’s father in Balmazújváros. One of the victim’s legs was amputated, so he can only use a wheelchair. On March 6, 2022, the 26-year-old defendant and an acquaintance appeared at the victim’s residence in the afternoon, where they started talking. The man, who had difficulty moving, asked the accused to buy liquor, and for that, he took money from his shirt pocket.

After the defendant and his acquaintance returned from shopping, they drank alcohol together and talked. In the meantime, the accused repeatedly asked the victim to borrow several thousand forints. At first, the man did not want to lend, but finally gave in to the defendant’s repeated request and wanted to give HUF 2,000.

When the victim reached into his shirt pocket to take out the money, the perpetrator approached the man to take all of his money from him. He first grabbed and pulled the victim’s hand, then threatened to abuse him. As the man was tightly holding the money in his hand, the accused punched him three times in the face, then took HUF 18,500 by forcefully stretching his fingers. The act of the accused was put to an end by the fact that his acquaintance noticed what had happened and dragged him away from the scene.

As a result of the defendant’s abuse, bruised injuries occurred on the victim’s face, which healed within eight days. However, taking into account the injured parts of the body, the manner of the abuse and the magnitude of the impact, the defendant’s intention was to cause more serious injuries that would take more than eight days to heal.

The investigating Balmazújváros police seized almost half of the stolen money from the accused and gave it to the victim, who during the investigation asked for compensation for the unreimbursed damage.

The District Prosecutor’s Office in Debrecen brought charges against the defendant who is in custody, a particular recidivist, for the crime of robbery committed to harm a person with limited ability to prevent the crime due to his disability and the attempted crime of aggravated assault at the Debrecen District Court. In its indictment, the district prosecutor’s office proposed a custodial sentence and the additional penalty of disqualification from public affairs, as well as the compensation requested by the victim.

Picture: illustration.

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