Wanted Hungarian Criminal Captured in Germany


A wanted criminal on the Hungarian Top 50 list was arrested in Chemnitz, the police announced on police.hu on Thursday.

Csaba V. László, who was sentenced to 11 years in prison and had six warrants against him, was arrested by the German police with the help of bounty hunters from the National Investigation Bureau of the Emergency Police, they wrote. The man was charged with grievous bodily harm causing permanent disability, facilitating prostitution, persistence and fraud, among others.

“The aggressive man, who became famous as the ‘eye-catcher’ in Mezőszemer, made use of his extensive family connections, first in this country and then abroad, to support himself by forcing girls into prostitution. Not only did he engage in prostitution with his casual female acquaintances, but also with his close family members,” can be read on the police.hu.

The Hungarian courts sentenced him to more than 11 years in prison. He did not go to prison, he disappeared two years ago. The Heves County Police Headquarters requested the help of the Emergency Police National Investigation Bureau in its search. The investigators contacted the German partner agencies through the European Network of Targeting Units, as several data emerged indicating that the man may be in the central and eastern regions of Germany. On November 1st, the German police arrested Csaba V. László in Chemnitz, near Leipzig, and then arrested him – read on the police.hu.


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