Prosecution against those who broke the Covid sampling point in Debrecen


The District Prosecutor’s Office in Debrecen brought charges of theft against two men of Italian and one Hungarian nationality, who stole millions in downtown Debrecen.

According to the indictment, the older offender with Italian citizenship has been living in Debrecen for years. He worked casually at a car repair shop, where he met the Hungarian man working there. In the course of their work, they found out that a Covid sampling point created in a container will be placed in downtown Debrecen. The two men knew the internal layout of the container, and the code to open the door and also knew that the proceeds were stored in a safe that was collected every two to three weeks, so they decided to break in and obtain the proceeds.

The Italian man called his childhood friend, who traveled from Italy to Hungary on October 29, 2021, to commit the crime, and then they conducted a field visit together. The defendant from Debrecen also provided a car, clothing, shoe protectors, and a mask to his Italian companions, who appeared at the scene the next day at 10:30 p.m. The older man waited in the car while his companion went to the container. He couldn’t open the door with the code he knew, so he tore off the box mounted on the wall and pulled the key out of it, which he used to get in, then he ripped out the safe attached to the shelf together with the shelf and took it with him. They then left the scene in a car driven by his partner and went to a location in Debrecen, where they opened the safe and stole more than HUF 2.2 million in cash. The younger Italian offender traveled back to his country the next day and took the money he had acquired with him.

The victim was not compensated for the damage caused by the theft, so he announced his claim for compensation. During the investigation, the Debrecen police confiscated two cars and a mobile phone.

The Debrecen District Prosecutor’s Office accuses the perpetrators, who are at large and have confessed to their crime, of the crime of theft of a greater value, committed with violence against property, which the two Italian men committed as accomplices and their Hungarian partner as accomplices. In his indictment, he proposed that the District Court of Debrecen impose a suspended prison sentence against the two foreigners, expulsion from the territory of Hungary against one of them, and an enforceable prison sentence against the local man, as well as apply a fine and grant the victim’s claim for compensation.

The photo shows the trace of the key box torn off at the entrance.

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