A 24-year-old mother stabbed her two-year-old daughter, cut open her stomach and ate her liver

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What Kenyan Olivia Naserian did to her own child is unfathomable. The investigating authorities in the child murder case ordered a psychiatric examination of the young mother.

A Kenyan woman suspected of having committed some kind of ritual murder against her own child has been remanded in custody for ten days, reports The Mirror. Olivia Naserian, 24, allegedly stabbed her two-year-old daughter, Glory Njeri, and then cut open her child’s abdomen to access her organs. The woman then ate her daughter’s liver.

The brutal murder of a child took place in a housing estate in Kitengela, 30 kilometers from the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. The police were alerted by neighbors who witnessed what happened. Witnesses reportedly saw Naserian stab the baby repeatedly through the window while singing religious songs and chanting the alphabet obsessively.

Speaking to the Kenyan daily The Standard, one neighbor said the woman chanted

“You will never cry again baby… you will sleep forever. I love you, my daughter”.

Neighbors tried to get into the house but were unsuccessful, so they watched helplessly through the window as the woman plunged a knife into her child.

The neighbor also said they heard the child’s chilling screams as she called out her mother’s name. The traumatized witness added:

“She ate her baby’s liver.”

The woman also removed other internal organs from the body and then lost consciousness.

The little girl’s body was taken to the Kitengela hospital morgue for examination. The local police requested time for a psychiatric examination of the young woman.

“We want to determine if this woman is normal or if she has some mental illness. What she did to her own baby is inexplicable,” –

said Kitengela police chief Benson Mutia.

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