9-Year-Old Son of One of the Detained Hunters Shot the Swiss Wolf


The story of the Swiss wolf that died in our country after being shot in the outskirts of Hidasnémeti at the beginning of April caused great outrage. Many people followed the migration of the highly protected animal equipped with the M237 transmitter, as the tracking device on it constantly indicated where the wolf was going and where it was finding a new family.

On Wednesday morning, two hunters from Szabolcs were caught with the help of TEK. The two men were suspected by the investigators of damaging nature, abusing firearms or ammunition, and committing other crimes. After the interrogations, they were taken into criminal custody and their arrest initiated. It has now been revealed that the nine-year-old child of one of them shot the Swiss wolf.

Tamás Barkó, the spokesperson of the Borsod County Prosecutor’s Office, told us about the case that both detained hunters refused to testify and complained against the suspect. However, this was rejected by the prosecution. He also added that the father entrusted his nine-year-old son to the other suspect and gave him his own gun so they could go hunting. And the child shot the wolf with it. After that, they put the wolf’s carcass in the father’s SUV, then cut off the beacon and threw it into the Hernád River. The coercive measures for the two suspects are expected to be decided on 4th August.


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