It’s shocking what this 18-year-old girl did with a bus stop in Hajdúnánás


At the beginning of May 2023, the police received a report of vandalism at a bus stop in Hajdúnáná because someone broke the tempered glass side wall of the passenger waiting area.

The police started to investigate the case, and soon a group of three came into their sight. As it turned out, it was an 18-year-old girl from the team who threw a stone at the side wall of the bus stop, which broke into small pieces. The young people had a good laugh at this and then left in a hurry.

During her interrogation, the girl confessed, and the Hajdúnánási Police Department conducted an investigation against her due to the well-founded suspicion of disorderly conduct. The police performed the necessary procedural actions and sent the resulting documents to the prosecutor’s office.

The police draw the attention of young people to the fact that even a childish prank that seems like a good joke can quickly turn into a violation of the law or a crime!

(Debreceni Nap)

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