A drunken man strangled his elderly, disabled father in the bathtub


The General Prosecutor’s Office of Debrecen proposed to uphold the verdict against the defendant with multiple criminal records who strangled his elderly, disabled father.

With particular cruelty, the Miskolc Court sentenced the accused to life imprisonment for the crime of manslaughter committed against a person whose ability to prevent the crime was limited due to his old age or disability, with the possibility of parole after 30 years at the earliest.

According to the judgment, the health condition of the victim, who lives alone, has been steadily deteriorating since 2016, and by February 2021 he was unable to support himself and needed care. The accused – who lived with his partner and his child in a two-room apartment – took his sick father with him. On March 16, 2021, in the afternoon, the defendant pushed his father in a wheelchair to the pharmacy, then on the way home they met several acquaintances, who were invited to the apartment for drinks. After the guests left, the accused was left alone with the victim. The drunken man then undressed his father, whom he first hit on the face and nose, and then strangled him by laying him in the bathtub.

The defendant and his lawyer appealed against the first-instance verdict, primarily for acquittal, and secondarily for mitigation. The prosecution took note of the substantive decision.

According to the position of the Debrecen Appeals General Prosecutor’s Office, the court’s decision is legal and well-founded. The defendant, who has a criminal record with multiple convictions, carried out the serious crime without any justifiable reason, in a drunken state due to his own fault, to the detriment of his father, who was unable to defend himself due to his health. According to the judgment of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Appeal, there is no legal reason to reduce the imposed sentence, therefore it proposed to uphold the sentence.

In the second instance, the Debrecen Board of Judges decides the case.

(Debrecen Court)

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