The amateur astronomer from Hajdú-Bihar county photographed a galaxy more than 2 million light-years away

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Another wonderful astrophoto was taken in Hajdú-Bihar: Zoltán Buczi, member of the Hajdúság regional club of the Vega Astronomical Association, September 14-16. between 16 hours of exposure time, he collected the photons for his photograph of the Andromeda Galaxy.

The recording was made in Nagyhegyes.

The Andromeda galaxy (M31) is one of the most distant objects that can be seen with the naked eye even from a sufficiently dark place: it is located 2.25 million light years away. This means that the light traveled at the speed of light through space until the visible image of Andromeda reached us.

In addition to the swirling dust clouds around the glowing galactic nucleus of the Andromeda galaxy, the reds of the radiating hydrogen regions can also be spectacularly detected in the entire field of vision. The center of M31 is thought to be a black hole with a mass of 30 million solar masses.

Next to M31, another bright object is also visible, this is the dwarf galaxy with the catalog number M32, which is only approx. It is located 20,000 light-years from the Andromeda galaxy – Zoltán Balogh, secretary of the Hajdúság Regional Club of the Vega Astronomical Association, informed our portal.

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