The award for the Olympic gold medal will increase from 35 to 50 million forints


The Hungarian government has increased the amount of state prizes for outstanding sports results, so that the Olympic gold medal will reach HUF 50 million instead of the previous 35. According to the issue of the Magyar Közlöny published on Wednesday, athletes will receive HUF 35.7 million for the silver medal won in the Olympic games and HUF 28.5 million for the bronze medal. At the Paralympics, as well as at events organized by the International World Games Association and the International Chess Association, Hungarian medalists will receive HUF 17.5, 12.5 and HUF 10 million.

Among the podium finishers of the annual World Championships in Olympic sports, the gold medalists receive HUF 6.25 million, the silver medalists HUF 4.46 million and the bronze medalists HUF 3.56 million. At the European Championships, athletes will receive a state prize of HUF 3.75 million, a prize of HUF 2.68 million and a prize of HUF 2.14 million for the third place.



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