Fans can enter the Sunday Loki game without a mask


Fans with a protection certificate and those under the age of 18 accompanied by them can watch the DVSC-Csákvár champion on Sunday for free, DVSC said on its website.

As it is known, the fight for the places to get up is fierce, Vasas is one point ahead of Loki, Gyirmó is two behind the people of Hajdúság, so it would be important to secure at least the second place as soon as possible.

The club also said

although the use of the mask is still recommended, it will not be mandatory for protected persons and those under the age of 18 during the match. However, it must be worn to the entrance.

Fans over the age of 18 can only enter with a security card. Protection can only be proven by an official protection certificate, the vaccination paper does not replace it.

Fans under the age of 18 can only take part in the match under the supervision of an adult with a security card (if not obvious, they can prove their age with a student card/passport).

Those who try to enter the match without a security card will not be allowed into the stadium.

The security card is only valid with the presentation of some photo ID, so we ask our fans to bring these with them!

The verification of ID cards will be checked by security staff before entering the stadium area.


An hour and a half earlier, from 1 p.m., the stadium gates will open.

VIP ticket sales:

It is possible to exchange tickets in advance from Saturday on the website In-person only on the day of the match, from 10 am in the DVSC Shop.

There will be a buffet, you can also eat in the stands.

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