DEAC won the hockey Super Cup – picture gallery


The Hungarian Cup winner DEAC won the hockey Super Cup after defeating the champion FTC-Telekom 4-1 in the Tüskecsarnok on Sunday.

Hell Super Cup: Debrecen EAC – FTC-Telekom 4-1 (2-0, 1-0, 1-1)
goal: Mihalik A. (5th), Dalecky (8th), Sozunov (34th), Révész (48th), and Kestilä (53rd)

A year ago, these two teams met in the Super Cup, then FTC easily won, but now the situation has changed considerably.

Even though the team from Budapest had a little more possession of the puck, the goals were scored by the people from Debrecen.

In the 5th minute, András Mihalik skated past his defender at high speed, broke in front of the goal, laid down Gergely Arany, and lifted it over the goalkeeper into the net. After three minutes, Jan Dalecky received a nice pass, stepped out, and bombed into the upper left corner.

DEAC hit the crossbar with a double man advantage, then the protective plexiglass above one of the backboards cracked, and therefore a narrow quarter-hour forced break followed.

In the second period, FTC gained a man advantage, during which the puck hit the goalpost once, then Zoltán Hetényi saved with an arm. But as Oleg Sozunov – who at 205 centimeters is the tallest player ever in the Hungarian field – returned from the penalty box, he reached the cut-out puck and shot a solo shot into the goal between Arany’s legs.

The script did not change for the final twenty minutes. Marcell Révész took advantage of a minor defensive lapse. In the 53rd minute, the capital’s guard improved the score, Aku Kestilä shot into the short corner from the left. The team from Hajdúság defended well again in the first half, and Gergő Tóth from Ferencváros received a final suspension for initiating a fight.

With this, DEAC won its first Super Cup triumph. The two teams will clash again on Friday in Debrecen.

Photos: MTI/Zsolt Szigetváry

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