Marco Rossi Became a Hungarian Citizen


Marco Rossi, the Italian captain of the Hungarian national team, and second coach Cosimo Inguscio took the oath of Hungarian citizenship on Tuesday in Budapest, in the presence of the President of the Republic, Katalin Novák. The text of the oath was read by Zoltán Pokorni, mayor of the district XII.

“The Hungarian people have locked you in their hearts for a long time” – Katalin Novák said in her speech welcoming the two sportsmen, adding: “today, the Hungarian people and you officially said yes to each other.” You take up Hungarian citizenship as a result of a mutual, free decision – emphasized the President of the Republic, adding that the fact that the Hungarian national team will be led by Hungarian citizens “means a lot to all of us”.

She thanked them for casting their vote for the Hungarians, and what was only a workplace for them, is now also their “second country”. “Our task is to make Hungary a country that you can be proud of as your second country. And we expect you to be proud of the Hungarian national team” – pointed out Katalin Novák. “After thirty years, today we can once again look at the Hungarian national team with pride, and we can also be happy that young people and teenagers are also enthusiastic about Hungarian athletes, which means a lot in today’s world. Today, 4:0 is the former 6:3” – stressed Katalin Novák.

Sándor Csányi, the president of the Hungarian Football Association, emphasized that football plays a major role in Hungary and throughout the world. As he said, Marco Rossi and Cosimo Inguscio are different characters, their mentality is different, but both are excellent professionals and work hard. He recalled that in the 1920s, many Hungarian coaches went to work in Italy, and they achieved very good results with the Italian teams. Sándor Csányi asked that Marco Rossi and Cosimo Inguscio pay off this debt and make the Hungarian national football team world champions. “This is a very special thing that doesn’t happen to people every day. For us, this will be a very memorable date, I would like to thank the Hungarian people and of course the Hungarian Football Association for supporting this decision. Thank you also to the Hungarian government, thank you to Hungary” – said the 59-year-old professional to M4 Sport, and then added that he has considered Hungary as his second home for a long time.

“I think I don’t even have to say how much we both love Hungarians and Hungary, so we are very confident that we can bring as much joy to the Hungarian people as possible,” the MLSZ website quoted Inguscio as saying. Minister of National Defense Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky also participated in the event.
Photo: MTI – Tibor Illyés

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