Medical Week 2014

Party Zone University


Markusowsky Lajos Youth Hostel III

It’s spring already, so Medical Week, also known as Medikus Hét is on the horizon!

We’ll await all our guests with lots of colourful and interesting programs and with famous and great bands:

/// Skafunderz /// Majka /// Andro ///

/// Paddy and the Rats /// Supernem /// Soerii & Poolek ///

/// Road /// Brains /// Julia Carpenter ///


Entry fees:

  • Healthcare Departments’ students, purchased at the event: 500 HUF/day
  • Debrecen University students (with Students’ Card): 1000 HUF/day
  • Healthcare Departments’ workers: 1000 HUF/day
  • Co-Ticket: 1000 HUF/day
  • Other Guests: 5000 HUF/day

Just like last year, you can attend our Wine Tasting on the 29th of April (Tuesday). We will provide you with excellent tokaji-hegyaljai-bodrogkeresztúri wines.

We have invited István Rozgonyi, connossieur of the Rozgonyi Pince® whom you may know as well. A traditional gypsy orchestra will play live music!

This Medikus Hét will also hold the well-known Cooking Competition, take your team and prepare something delicious!

For the second time, we will organize the Medikus Tusa, where teams of 5-10 people compete through 3 days for the title of Champion of the Second Medikus Tusa, and for the valuable prizes!

There will be even more programs: poker and table football championships, P.E. lessons, lectures, healthcare booths, OEC Stand Up, and more!


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