University Industrial Park Might Expand


Senate of the University of Debrecen met on the 29th of September, when members discussed the integration of Kenézy Hospital and further developments of the university.Zoltán Szilvássy was talking about the integration of Kenézy Hospital and clinics of the university when the senate convened on the 29th of September. According to the plans, Kenézy Gyula Hospital will be maintained by the University of Debrecen in the future.

Members of the senate were also having a discussion about developing the information technology sector of the university, since now there is a lack of professional engineers and IT experts in the city.

Debrecen could offer jobs for about 8000 professional engineers and information technology specialists. There is a number of multinational companies in the city and they would hire more and more young graduates, so the University of Debrecen must keep up with their expectations – said Szilvássy.


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