Unique Micro CT Bought by the University


The structure of bone tissue around dental implants will be examined with the special micro CT that was presented on Wednesday (17th of October) at the University of Debrecen.The device – that can be found in the country only in Debrecen – is capable of up to 350 nanometers of picture resolution. The device – which cost more than 100 million HuF – will primarily be used for research purposes. The micro CT was bought by the University’s Dental Faculty with the help of a GINOP tender.

We research the bond between the bone and the implant. The micro CT is suitable for comparative analysis of various bone substitutes and for the analysis of the structure of bone tissue around the implants” – said Csaba Hegedüs professor at the University of Debrecen.

This new device can promote researches that can directly enhance the work of the Dental Faculty. The equipment will also be of great use in education. For example, it will be able to present not only the surface of the teeth to dentist students, but also the 3-dimensional structure of it from layer to layer.

Source and photo: www.debreceninap.hu / www.unideb.hu

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