Karaoke Night by ESN Debrecen

Party Zone University

Date: 10 October at 21.00-0.00

Venue: Bakelit Music Cafe


We see you can dance but can you continue and sing these lines: 🎤

🎼I’m a Barbie girl in the Barbie world… 💁
🎼Dancing queen young and sweet… 💃
🎼Relax… take it… 💨
🎼Who let the dogs out…? 🐕

Let’s figure it out! Come to our ESN Karaoke party 🎶 on the 10th of October at Bakelit.

❗If you are ready to sing please sign up for our sheet with your name and the song you have chosen. ❗


We are excited and you❔❕ 🎵


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