Coronavirus – The University of Debrecen has issued a call


The leadership of the University of Debrecen (DE) is asking more than five hundred students from countries infected with the coronavirus not to travel to the affected areas, said the university’s rector at a news conference on Tuesday.

Zoltán Szilvássy said: “Currently there is an exam period, in which case, normally fewer students travel home, but now they are recommended to postpone these planned.”

With more than half a thousand students from countries affected by the coronavirus – China, Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia – employees of the university are now measuring how many have traveled home.

Attila Jeney, director of the university’s international education coordination center, says that four of their students live in Wuhan, where they first discovered the new coronavirus, one of them must be in Debrecen, and they are now finding out where the others are.

The university’s clinical center and the infectious institute at Kenézy University Hospital are prepared to receive flu patients, but also to detect the new coronavirus.



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