The student government of the University of Debrecen votes for the model change


The delegates’ assembly of the organization accepted in a 70: 0 ratio that their senate members would support the establishment of the institution – Debreciner learned.

A circular was sent to the portal informing that the delegate assembly authorized the members of the DEHÖK Senate to vote in favor of the model change with 70 votes in favor, 0 against and 0 abstentions. In their reasoning, they write that, in their assessment, the daily university life of students will not be affected by privatization, and the HÖK’s advocacy rights will be retained. The letter from DEHÖK makes no mention of the expected benefits of privatizing the university.

“Overall, based on the information available and the discussions on the change of provider, DEHÖK considers that the transfer to the foundation will affect the change in the legal, economic environment and rights of the institution rather than the quality of life of students, including the quality of education, scholarships, housing opportunities, sports and leisure activities, therefore DEHÖK sees no obstacle to supporting the initiative of organizational transformation ”

– stated in the circular of DEHÖK.

The handover of the University of Debrecen to the foundation may also bring downsizing

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