A new research center will open at the University of Debrecen


The Agricultural Genomics and Biotechnology Center of the University of Debrecen was established. The new organizational unit will be one of the engines of the transformation of the Faculty of Agriculture, Food Science and Environmental Management. The director of the center: Judit Dobránszki, a doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, received his credentials on Thursday, the press office of the University of Debrecen published.

The Agricultural Genomics and Biotechnology Center (AGBK) of the Faculty of Agriculture, Food Science and Environmental Management (MÉK) of the University of Debrecen (DE) conduct market-oriented research based primarily on plant and animal genomics, basic biotechnology and agricultural innovation.

– Precision and circular agriculture can no longer exist without knowledge of the genetic and genomic basis of plants and animals and the use of biotechnological methods. AGBK was established as an organizational unit of MÉK on April 1, with the support of Rector Zoltán Szilvássy and the initiative of scientific advisor Judit Dobránszki to research these fields of science and utilize the results, László Stündl told hirek.unideb.hu.

The Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Food Science and Environmental Management emphasized that the Agricultural and Food Industry Knowledge Utilization Center was established for the domestic and international business sector to mediate scientific results and channel their needs and orders.

– The formation of AGBK has great potential. Researchers today do not have to do excellent enough scientific work, they also need to be visible to the profession and the market. The transfer of knowledge and technology, as well as the stimulation of project collaborations, are of paramount importance for the entire agricultural education in Debrecen – explained László Stündl.

A XXI. The agricultural challenges of the 21st century can only be successfully met with the use of today’s technologies.

“The center’s research contributes to the genomic and genetic mapping and biotechnological use of crops and animals, and their results can be applied in the agri-food and pharmaceutical industries,” said Judit Dobránszki, head of the Agricultural Genomics and Biotechnology Center.

The center’s Plant Genomics and Plant Biotechnology Research Groups carry out genomic research, epigenetic and gene transcription, and marker-based molecular research related to plant stress resistance research and supporting plant variety production. Another priority task is the performance of cell and tissue culture research and innovations, as well as the development and application of biotechnological methods and virus removal research supporting plant variety production and maintenance.

Szilvia Kusza, head of the Animal Genomics Research Group and professor, stated that their goal is to maintain their significant role in the market of molecular genetic and genomic studies with economic and wild animal species, which has been performed in the Animal Genetics Laboratory of the DE for several breeding organizations.

– International and domestic collaborations greatly help the research activity, but this unit is also able to be the flagship of Hungarian animal genomics research, – emphasized Szilvia Kusza.

According to Szilvia Veres, Deputy Dean of Science: the establishment of the organization represents another huge shift in quality in the teaching and scientific life of the faculty.
– AGBK can play an important role in the reorganization of DE MÉK training and in internationalization in the field of agricultural biotechnology education and research.

According to Rector András Jávor, Chief Adviser: the faculty must keep pace with the dynamic development of the university. With the establishment of the Agricultural Genomics and Biotechnology Center, agricultural training in Debrecen can be completely renewed.

– Agricultural education has two tasks to provide specialists in agriculture and to provide elite training for students, both of which must be present at DE MÉK in parallel. Precision agriculture cannot exist without the use of genomic and biotechnological results. AGBK provides this knowledge background and the opportunity to launch individual training. The staff of the newly established center, which is recognized both at the national and international level, still wants to play a key role in the work of doctoral schools, said András Jávor.



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