Debrecen freshmen! There are only a few days left to apply for dormitory places


First-year students of the University of Debrecen can submit their dormitory applications until August 5. The institution provides freshmen with 1,277 places in a total of 15 dormitories in Debrecen, Hajdúböszörmény, Nyíregyháza, and Szolnok.

Following the general procedure, the number of students admitted to the University of Debrecen in 2022, including additional admissions and admissions from across the border, as well as those admitted to English-language courses, is expected to reach ten thousand by September.

UD students can choose from a total of more than five thousand dormitories this year as well. 4,699 students can find accommodation in twelve dormitories in Debrecen, 210 in Hajdúböszörmény, 288 in Nyíregyháza, and 264 on the Szolnok Campus.

In addition to the basic services, UD dormitories offer broadband internet, a fitness room, gym, club, and TV room, which can be used free of charge or at a reduced price. There are also swimming pools and bowling alleys in the building.

First-year students must apply now for the regular social scholarship in the same procedure as the dormitory admission. Applicants can also find information about the social certificates to be submitted in the dormitory admission and regular social scholarship procedures in the Dormitory Admission and Social Affairs menu item, in the sub-menu of the Completion Guide.

UD’s dormitory fees have remained unchanged for years, but prices will rise in the new academic year. This year, students can get a place in the dormitories that freshmen can apply for from HUF 18,000.

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