The University of Debrecen lowered its admission requirements


At the University of Debrecen, there will be no admission requirements for the advanced-level graduation from 2023 in most majors in the bachelor’s degree program – the vice-rector of education of the institution informed MTI.

Elek Bartha noted that there is a significant number of majors for which advanced-level graduation is still a condition for admission. Among them, he mentioned general medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, and law, several areas of economic and technical sciences, as well as English and psychology.

The vice-rector called it a significant relief that the statutory minimum points will be abolished and that they will come under institutional competence from 2023. There will still be minimum points at the University of Debrecen, but they have been moderated and significantly reduced in many majors.

From 2024, there will be further changes in the admission procedure, through which institutional aspects can also be enforced. At the University of Debrecen, the quality, the recognition of performance, and equal opportunities will be like this, but the high-level baccalaureate and language skills also provide a significant yield in institutional points, said the professor.

Equality points recognize, for example, outstanding sports and artistic achievements, competition results, but also entry and successful participation in high school academic competitions – Elek Bartha pointed out.

Around ten thousand first-year students start their studies at the University of Debrecen every year, he said.

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