Cooperation agreement between the University of Debrecen and Magyar Mezőgazdaság Kiadó Kft.


The University of Debrecen and Magyar Mezőgazdaság Kiadó Kft. have signed a cooperation agreement in order to make the University of Debrecen’s achievements in the field of agricultural sciences more widely known. As part of the partnership, scientific articles by the institution’s researchers will also be published on the media company’s websites, writes

The Faculty of Agriculture and Food Science and Environmental Management of the University of Debrecen and Magyar Mezőgazdasák Kiadó Kft. have been maintaining an extensive professional relationship for several decades. The lecturers of the faculty publish professional articles in the media company’s newspapers concerning several sectors. Thanks to the agreement, DE’s research results can appear on new platforms.

Magyar Mezőgazdaság Kiadó Kft. is a communication channel that can help disseminate our scientific results widely and authentically. The scientific results of researchers must always be useful in practice, that is the only way it makes sense to conduct research. That is why it is important that these results are forwarded to the profession at a high level. Through the agreement, UD  can play an even greater role in the transfer of knowledge

– said András Jávor, Rector’s Chief Advisor, in connection with the signing of the partnership agreement.

The professor emeritus of the Faculty of Agriculture, Food Science and Environmental Management emphasized: according to the agricultural strategy of the University of Debrecen, the institution is responsible for the management of the 157,000 square kilometers of the Tisza catchment area, and must share its scientific results in this area. The media company is a partner in this, which considers it important to provide information beyond the border.

The agricultural training, research and development activities of the University of Debrecen are carried out by three organizational units. Thanks to the cooperation, the scientific results of the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Management, the Faculty of Economics and the Agricultural Research Institutes and Training Institute will be more publicized.

The University of Debrecen continuously develops its education and research portfolio through model change. However, in order to preserve the leading role of agricultural education in Debrecen, it is essential to maintain a close relationship with the media in order to publicize our innovative activities and educational programs

– stressed Endre Harsányi, the vice-chancellor responsible for the development of agricultural and food science and the director-general of the Agricultural Research Institutes and Educational Institutions.

According to László Hájos, the owner of Magyar Mezőgazdasák Kiadó Kft., the professional foundation of the researchers and teachers of the University of Debrecen will further enrich Magyar Mezőgazdaság.

Our goal is to reach Generation Z on our media platforms. We are committed to guiding young people interested in agriculture in the direction of the profession. The professional information received from the institution can help the farming community to progress, and the agreement concluded with the University of Debrecen is a great help in this

– added Gábor Kadosa, marketing coordinator of Magyar Mezőgazdaság Kiadó Kft.

Magyar Mezőgazdaság Kiadó Kft. is currently the agricultural media company with the largest portfolio in the country, the publisher of ten agricultural-themed trade journals and magazines, and also operates an agricultural news portal, a weekly newsletter, and several social media platforms. Its publications cover all segments of agriculture, from horticulture magazines to professional agribusiness magazines to wine brochures accredited by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The publisher also takes care of Magyar Mezőgazdaság and Kertészet és Szőlzeszt, which are unique in the Hungarian agricultural media market in terms of their distribution density.

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