Shocking video: horror incident at a circus performance, the woman on a motorcycle fell out of the lattice sphere


Spectators of the performance of the Hungarian National Circus in Szolnok witnessed a terrifying accident. One of the female artists in the show flew out of the dead ball and was seriously injured. The circus troupe issued a statement in which they wrote: the artist suffered a pelvic injury, but she will recover – reports Blikk, which also published a video about the incident.

A terrible accident happened at the performance of the Hungarian National Circus in Szolnok. The motorcycle artists of the circus presented their program in the sphere of death, i.e. in a huge sphere made of metal grids: they zigzagged up and down the huge structure with their motorbikes.

However, the sphere could have failed, because

one of the artists flew out of the sphere and suffered a serious injury.

The circus troupe stated what happened on its social media page. As they wrote, their performer, Alice, suffered a pelvic injury but will recover.

“Her condition is stable, and the hospital staff assured us of her recovery. During the performance, despite the observance of all safety regulations, unfortunately, accidents may occur, this is inherent in the profession of artists and performers,”

-they wrote, adding:

We hope Alice recovers quickly and can return to the stage soon, in the meantime we would like to thank you for your interest and the best wishes you send her!


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