yoUDay 2023 is coming soon: we are stronger together


The performers are already rehearsing, the tickets are selling out and the two hundred square meter stage will be set up soon – the University of Debrecen is once again preparing for the opening stadium show in the Nagyerdei Stadium. 

In 2016, we decided to organize an event that unites university citizens in a location where we can bring as many people together as possible. This is how the idea of yoUDay was born. It seems to be a successful initiative, this year will be the seventh time. We hope that we will be able to fill the Nagyerdei Stadium

– Chancellor Zoltán Bács emphasized at the press conference announcing the event on Tuesday.

Valmar, Dzúdló, György Korda and Balázs Klári will perform at this year’s yoUDay, and Éva Csepregi and Ádám Végvári, Feró Nagy and Cini Zalatnay will perform in the retro stadium disco following the show.

Based on the experience of the previous years, it can be said that the students love this event, we always try to introduce them to the program in the freshmen camp as well. Being a student at the University of Debrecen is very good, among other things, because we organize a lot of events, among which yoUDay stands out, where we welcome new students, celebrate the beginning of the year together, and the fact that we can be members of this community

– Csont emphasized István, president of DEHÖK.

This year’s yoUDay motto is We are stronger together.

The power of love and community gives the event incredible energy. Since the university is also a big family, the focus of this year’s yoUDay is also the family. We have also selected the program so that everyone, regardless of age, feels good and experiences an unforgettable evening

– said Veronika Végh, coordinator of the stage show.

The internationality of the University of Debrecen will be emphasized at the stadium show on September 13. The students will carry 119 flags representing all the nations studying at the institution. Students participating in the popular music program of the University of Debrecen also participate in the stage show.
This year, the show will also be completed with modern and spectacular technical solutions.

On Friday, the construction of the huge, two-hundred square meter stage will begin, which will be accompanied by modern sound and spectacular lighting technology. And the laser show promises to be dazzling again this year. It is a novelty that this year there will also be an LED ball in the stadium, which will provide the audience with an impressive visual experience

– explained organizer Gergő Török.

A lot of tickets have already been sold, and those who have not yet redeemed their tickets can do so at Those interested can find information about the event on the event’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

Admission for university employees, their family members and guests is HUF 1,490/person. Each employee can register three additional people at a discount. This year, the ticket can be purchased with a balance added to the UniPass card, so the organizers ask the university citizens to activate their card, as they can get countless other discounts with it.

Before the stadium show, those interested can tune in to the party in the garden of the Nagyerde Water Tower from 2 p.m. At the yoUDay Matiné Day ‘n’ Night event, the XXL and Forest Bump team spice up the atmosphere. Admission to the afternoon program is free. After the opening stadium show at 7 p.m., the party will continue in the garden of the Water Tower, the AfterParty will last from 11 p.m. until dawn with the best house and tech-house tunes (with yoUDay ticket: HUF 1,500, outside ticket price: HUF 3,900).


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