Tourism Agency: September Guest Nights Top 2019 Figures


The number of guest nights spent in Hungarian commercial accommodations in September increased by an annual 65% to 3 million and was up 4% compared with 2019, the head of the Hungarian Tourism Agency said over the weekend.


Commercial lodgings registered 1.2 million guests last month, 360,000 of whom were foreign and 800,000 Hungarian visitors, Zoltán Guller said on the agency’s official podcast. Altogether 62% of the guest nights were spent by domestic tourists, three-quarters of which were registered outside the capital, Guller said.

Revenue of commercial accommodations came close to 42 billion forints (EUR 116.8m) in September, jumping 86% from the same month a year earlier, he said. Commercial lodgings in the countryside saw their revenue rising an annual 55% to over 30 billion forints during the period, he added. Most foreign travellers came from the Visegrad Group countries, Austria, Germany and Romania, Guller said, adding that they spent 21 billion forints in September, more than three times as much as in September 2020. Revenue of the hospitality sector in September came to 100 billion forints, up 30% from last year, he said. The busiest day was Sept. 11, the day before Pope Francis’s visit to Hungary, with revenue reaching 5 billion forints, he added.


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