Global Control and Censorship


The MODEM Modern and Contemporary Arts Centre and the Goethe-Institut Ungarn proudly presents an exhibition about monitoring, the fear and effects of being watched called “GLOBAL CONTROL AND CENSORSHIP”.

Knowledge is power. And power is possessed above all by whoever controls the flow of information. The digitization of all areas of life and their networking in the infosphere have connected all people to each other all over the world. Billions of all kinds of content and data are generated every day and transmitted across the globe. Even before it reaches the recipients, massive amounts of our data are intercepted by private companies and government services, checked, and then used for their purposes.

Globally operating commercial enterprises derive huge profits from datamining and targeted marketing which allows them to exploit the individual and social dependence of their users. And with the specious argument of national security government agencies flagrantly pursue the goal of perfecting and massively expanding their collecting of data.

Has being at the mercy of overwhelmingly powerful authorities of control and censorship already become the conditio humana, the basic condition of our culture? In the currently unfolding climate of suspicion it is not unlikely that citizens will react with resignation, self-censorship, and conformity, or even silent acquiescence in the face of this ubiquitous surveillance.

Nolasco-Rózsás Lívia
Bernhard Serexhe

aaajiao (CN), Hamra ABBAS (KW / US), Selma ALAÇAM (DE), Halil ALTINDERE (TR), Daniel G. ANDÚJAR (ES), Benera & Estefan (RO), Osman BOZKURT (TR), James BRIDLE (GB / GR), Alice CAVOUKDJIAN dite GALLI (FR / DE), Hasan ELAHI (BD / US), Finger Pointing Worker + Kota TAKEUCHI (JP), Michael GRUDZIECKI (PL / DE), KIT-KASTEL (DE), Frédéric KRAUKE (DE), Marc LEE (CH), Virginia MASTROGIANNAKI (GR), MÁTRAI Erik (HU), Ruben PATER (NL), Dan PERJOVSCHI (RO), Ma QIUSHA (CN), Oliver RESSLER (AT), Bernhard SEREXHE (DE), Christian SIEVERS (DE), Technologie und das Unheimliche (HU/DE), Ivar VEERMÄE (EE/DE), Alex WENGER (CH / DE) & Max-Gerd RETZLAFF (DE)

Cooperation partner: Deutsches Kulturforum Debrecen

Used artwork:
Hasan Elahi: Stelae, 2015
© ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Karlsruhe Foto: Anatole Serexhe

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