EDUCATIO International Education Exhibition Started Today

National University

18th Educatio International Education Exhibition started today in Budapest and lasts till the 20th of January.Date: 18th – 20th of January

Venue: HUNGEXPO, G-Hall, Budapest (10. Albertirsai street)

Program: International Education Exhibition for all of those who want to continue their studies at a university or a college. At the exhibition, nearly 200 exhibitors and more than 40,000 visitors take part from year to year. Instructors and enrolled students of almost 50 institutions of higher education share the most important information regarding trainings, habits, dormitory allocations, and future prospects after secondary school education and university graduation.

The 18th EDUCATIO International Education Exhibition is waiting for everyone who is interested in education, learning, school equipment and teaching tools.

More information and details:

High school students will receive a certificate for school absence.

Admission is free.

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