Mother murdered her infant – The first trial comes on Monday


The Debrecen Regional Court of Appeal is handling the case of a woman, who killed her infant.

In April 2016, Szilvia Vivien N. was sentenced for 14 years of imprisonment for manslaughter by the Debrecen Regional Court of Appeal. The secondary co-defendant, Dávid S. was sentenced for 12 years of imprisonment. The prosecutor is appealing for the aggravation of both sentences, while the defendants are appealing for reduction.

About the case: in April 2014, the first defendant, Szilvia Vivien N. got pregnant. The woman and her partner, the secondary co-defendant Dávid S. decided that they did not want to keep the baby. The woman did everything to harm the fetus: she was smoking and drinking alcohol. The man was hitting her belly regularly in order to kill the fetus. They discussed that the man would kill the baby if he/she would survive the pregnancy.

Finally the baby was born in July 2014. Szilvia Vivien N. gave birth to her child alone in her home. Right after the birth, the woman injured the baby with a pair of scissors and hit his/her head to the edge of the bathtub. After these, she put the baby into a towel and called her mother and her partner. By the time her parents got to her apartment, the baby was dead. As Dávid S. arrived home, he called the ambulance.

The first trial in the case will be held on Monday, 24 October 2016.




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