Fertő Lake Murderer Confessed Crime


A few weeks ago a a human torso was found in Fertő Lake. Later, the murderer was caught by the police, he confessed.A torso and later the other missing body parts of a dead woman were found in Fertő Lake (in the Austrian part of the lake) in the middle of April, 2018. The Austrian police managed to identify the corpse, she was a Czech or Slovak prostitute working in Austria. They also caught the murderer, an Austrian man, who confessed killing the young woman in a brutal manner. It also turned out that the prostitute was not his only victim, a few years ago he killed a man, too.

Presumably, the Austrian murderer fell in love with the Slavic prostitute, this love was not mutual, that’s why he killed the woman.

Source: www.24.hu

Photo: www.pixabay.com

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