News about the University of Debrecen Faculty of Health (part 1)


On Tuesday morning, the University of Debrecen Faculty of Health held a press breakfast in Nyíregyháza. At the conference Gergely Fábián, the dean presented the news and plans related to the faculty.

At first, he talked about the accreditation assessment of the University of Debrecen. In 2012, the Hungarian Accreditation Committee (HAC) accredited the university and its faculties with excellent classification for further six years. However, the accreditation process continues, and HAC is going to evaluate the courses of health sciences in February of 2014, then the courses of social sciences.

In 2013, the Senate of the University of Debrecen decided to introduce the system of validation at the Faculty of Health. Validation is a structured process which aims at the evaluation, documentation and recognition of formerly acquired knowledge and skills. In this case, besides the knowledge formally acquired in the school system, the university will also accept and recognize the results of informal and non-formal learning. So knowledge and skills gained from work experience or in the leisure time will be taken into account, as well. Validation may enable the personalized education which means that the curriculum is accommodated to the student’s actual level. This process may also shorten the study periods. The procedure must be worked out by April and in the next academic year, validation will be possible in BSc and MSc, as well.

Verzár Frigyes College is a new department at the Faculty of Health which assists and supports the successfully operating system of student talent management (Scientific Student Circle, Talent Management Programme of University of Debrecen). The department has been launched in 2014 and it tries to create an environment for its members which is appropriate for achieving a high level of professionalism. It supports instructor-student researches, conferences, professional events and publications. The purpose of the College is to ensure high level of theatrical and practical experience, especially in the field of gerontology, by lectures, courses, conferences, professional trips and researches. Another aim is that its members will benefit from their skills, abilities and competence in the labor market thanks to their professional knowledge and role in public life.

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