Old woman spat on Will Smith’s staff

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George Black Cell, a Nigerian-born DJ, shared a video on his Facebook account in which an old lady spat on a young man from Will Smith’s staff in the streets of Budapest.

George Black Cell says that this was a clearly racist and disgusting act; he asked everyone to share the video.

Here is a video that got my attention.. As this Gentleman was enjoying the beauty of the city Budapest with his friends later to perform on Stage with Will Smith.. Then comes a woman filled with hate, walks and spat on this guy. Some would say she is crazy but I say she is Disgusting and Racist.. Please, share this video so this woman would be found to never again repeat such and Appologies to this young man.

Közzétette: George Black Cell – 2019. szeptember 26., csütörtök

Since then, hundreds of Hungarians apologized for the woman’s unacceptable behavior.


Source: debreceninap.hu

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