Fuel prices are rising again in Hungary


In recent weeks, it has been difficult to predict the short-term development of domestic fuel prices, although it seems clear based on last week’s events that price increases may continue, but according to holtankoljak.hu, it is not due to domestic conditions.

The forint weakened against the dollar last week, the exchange rate stood at 361 forints, which means a 1% weakening in a week. The price of Brent oil per barrel rose, from Monday’s 81.85 dollars to 83.53 dollars, which means an increase of 2%.

Thus, the above effects assume a price increase at domestic wells in the middle of the week.

As the site writes, taking this into account, retail prices may change as follows from Wednesday:

95 gasoline: HUF 618/liter
Gas oil: HUF 661/liter

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