Shocking Details: Johnny Depp raped his ex-wife this way (+18)


Shocking details were revealed in the lawsuit against Johnny Depp: his ex-wife claims the actor raped her with a bottle of drink.

Actress Amber Heard read in her confessional details of how her husband had treated her harshly, Blikk writes.

In 2015, Johnny Depp reportedly detained his wife for three days in their hotel room, where he pushed her to the bar counter, tossed bottles and glasses, then hit her, kicked her, and dragged her across the ground through the shards.

After that, he yelled that he was fucking hating her and fucking killing her. Then he used a bottle of drink to penetrate her vagina and rape her. Depp was like a demon, he hated Amber as much as he hated his mother and sister. And his unbridled anger and rage were fueled by drink and drugs

– quoted the actress’ testimony at the trial by her lawyer, Elaine Bredehoft. Depp says it’s not true. According to his defender, it was all fiction, and it was the actor’s wife who had been violent with Johnny Deppe, hit him several times, and threw a bottle at him, mutilating one of the actor’s fingers.

Johnny Depp’s defamation trial, experts say, will last at least six weeks.

Photo: Variety

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