AbcMost Opens in Debrecen

Gastro Local News

AbcMost is the first grocery shop in Debrecen that has a digital shop where people can buy their groceries easily and get delivered immidiatly within 20 to 90 minutes to their door step.
The groceries are delivered carefully and quality are insured to protect consumers. They deliver for free if the order costs more than 1,000 Ft, if it is less, then you need to pay a simple charge of 150 Ft.

Their aim to serve students who are less likely to know the needs of their house, so they have created their monthly packages for cleaning with a huge saving on it. The prices are considered one of the cheapest in Debrecen. The Eco-Smart Packages are collections of favirate Snacks and Needs to give the opportunity of maximum saving.

The online store is expanding and more products and services will be added in 2019. They also provide fresh bakery from Matyas Pekseg.
Abcmost team speaks fluent English language to help foreign students in their studying journey and provide easy shopping experience.
The store is open all week days;
Monday – Saturday 12:00 to 00:00
Sunday 12:00 to 18:00

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