Disinfectants Ordered for GPs Arrived in Debrecen

Local News

On Tuesday morning, 24 March 2020, one thousand plastic bottles of antiviral liquid hand sanitizer arrived at the City Hall of Debrecen.

The municipality will deliver the disinfectants to general practitioners, paediatricians and the nurseries and kindergartens on duty in the upcoming days.

The Municipality of Debrecen deems it important that GPs and paediatricians can examine urgent cases under further improved hygienic circumstances. Therefore, the municipality provides all GP and paediatrician consulting rooms as well as nurseries and kindergartens on duty with hand and surface disinfectants. As a caring city, the Municipality of Debrecen is trying to satisfy the demand for medical supplies necessary for slowing down the spread of the virus.


Due to epidemiological reasons, and in order to minimise the number of doctor-patient meetings, the persons seeking medical assistance are required to register via telephone before visiting the consulting room. Medications are prescribed electronically in the form of e-prescriptions.

During the period of the emergency, basic dental care can be provided only in urgent cases. Preregistration, consultation and date appointment with the dentist are required via telephone in all cases!

The telephone numbers and consulting hours of GPs’, paediatricians’ and dentists’ consulting rooms can be found at debrecen.hu website as well (on hungarian language).



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