Further Portions of Disinfectants Arrived in Debrecen

Local News

Another supply of disinfectants arrived at the New City Hall of Debrecen on 7 April 2020, which will be passed on to companies, cultural, social, family support and educational institutions in municipal ownership, and also within the Mayor’s Office, in a scheduled method.

Several institutions of the Municipality of Debrecen introduced home office for its workers. However, there are certain activities at most of the workplaces that require personal presence. Kindergartens and nurseries on duty, institutions providing social and family support services, as well as Dehusz Kft. maintaining the cleanliness of the city and DHK Kft. transporting domestic waste all belong to this category. The municipality intends to provide high-quality hygienic conditions for the colleagues who have the usual work schedule at the companies owned by the municipality and at institutions in its maintenance. Furthermore, it aims to ensure that these workplaces are kept clean. The demanded disinfectants were handed over to general practitioners and family paediatricians of Debrecen on 24 March 2020, and now they will be delivered to municipally owned companies, cultural, social, family support and educational institutions, as well as to the Mayor’s Office.



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