All Municipal Kindergartens and Nurseries Will Open Their Doors From 25 May 2020

Local News

As of 25 May 2020, the Mayor of the City of Debrecen revokes the extraordinary break that he ordered from 16 March 2020. As a result, all municipal kindergartens and nurseries will operate at full capacity from that day on.

This way, day care for many more children will be ensured, which helps their parents restart work. The revocation of the extraordinary break also means that children are obliged to go to kindergarten, but the parents can request non-attendance for their children according to the rules and regulations of the given kindergarten up to the end of the epidemic threat. In the case of municipal kindergartens, parents are requested to give notice of their demands to the institution leader until 12.00 noon, 22 May 2020 (Friday) in order that catering can be arranged and provided for the children from 25 May 2020. The Mayor of Debrecen takes this opportunity to express his gratitude to the parents for their understanding and cooperation during the time of the emergency.


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